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In Lycksele there are 16 pre-schools (10 in urban Lycksele and 6 in the rural parts), 10 schools within the compulsory school system, 6 home daycare nurseries and 10 after-school centres.

They are all characterized by a comprehensive view of the development of children and youths. Each unit is given a large portion of decentralized responsibility and freedom to work out its own activities. Through participation, responsibility and positive treatment every effort is made to make each pupil feel secure and respected.

The upper secondary school in Lycksele, Tannbergsskolan, can offer 14 national educational programmes. There are also individual programmes, regional cross-country skiing and football programmes as well as apprenticeship training, adult education, remedial school and Swedish for immigrants (SFI). Many of its programmes attract applicants from all over Sweden. Its architecture is unique with large open spaces. It also offers good students' health care and a student boarding-house, staffed around the clock. Every effort is made to make sure each student be given maximal opportunities to learn and develop.

Lycksele can also offer opportunities for university studies. There is a branch of Umeå University located in Lycksele, and Lycksele lärcentrum (Lycksele Learning Centre) is a meeting-place for those who take distance courses or study at an off-campus programme. It is also a meeting-point for those who are going to apply for higher education or have a want for new courses and programmes.

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