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Visiting Lycksele


Welcome to Lycksele - Town in Lapland! In Lycksele there is something for everybody, from speedy and exciting attractions to nature adventures. Lycksele - Town in Lapland - is a meeting-place filled with contrasts between the pulse of the town and the peaceful and beautiful wilderness in enjoyable harmony.

Lycksele is a generous place and can display its very best sides, in summer as well as in winter.

Maybe it is just the location and the changes of the seasons that make our landscape between the coast and the high mountains so unique. Lycksele is in the County of Västerbotten. It was granted its town charter in 1946 and thus became the first town in Swedish Lapland.

Interested in animals?
If you are interested in animals, a visit to Lycksele Djurpark (Lycksele Zoo) is a must. In the northernmost zoo in Sweden there is a collection of the Nordic animals. In the winter the Zoo is converted into Christmas Zoo, and then Santa Claus lives here.      

The Bear Cave
Another unique spot is Björngrottan (the Bear Cave), which is situated some 10 kilometres south of central Lycksele. There you can watch a memorable picture display. It tells us about the reindeer, the predators and Sami reindeer husbandry.         

The Northern Lights              
If you visit Lycksele in the winter you will get a lot of chances to see the fantastic light display in the sky. "Porten till Norrskenslandet" (the Gateway to the Land of the Northern Lights) can give you, not only the scientific facts, but also the beauty and mystery of the northern lights.

Adventurous activities
If you are fond of speed and verve, we would like to give you a tip: Pay a visit to Ansia Badpark (Aquapark)! It is an adventure baths with a turbo jet slide, water jets, shower cannons and a lot more.                                               

Trollbacken (the Troll Ground) is the Lycksele version of the Robinson Expedition with its Tengah house and survival exercises.

Christ under the ground
Are you looking for spirituality and peace? St Anna Underground Church at Kristineberg is world-unique with its two-metre image of Christ on the mine wall. This silhouette appeared in 1946 after a blast in a part of the mine, which is now converted into an ecumenical church with fantastic acoustic properties.                                          

If you are interested in history - visit the very oldest place in Lycksele! Gammplatsen (the Old Site) reminds us of the lively markets of the early 1600s. Here you can take part in the old life of Lycksele.              

At Gammplatsen you can also find the Forestry Museum, which tells us of the historical importance of our forests, and here you will find the only museum in Europe for forestry machines. 

If you are interested in art, pay a visit to Tuggengården (the Tuggen Manor House), an artist's home 25 kilometres south of Lycksele along the E 12.

Good angling waters
In Lycksele there are 35 000 hectares of good angling waters.
Gold-washing may be something for those who want to experience thrill in a quiet way. Lycksele is within Guldriket (the Gold Kingdom), and we are happy to display our mining tradition at the Kristineberg exhibition mine with its image of Jesus Christ.
There are also 500 000 hectares of good hunting-grounds.

Other nature experiences
In Lycksele you can also make excursions like going on a beaver safari in a canoe.

Nature itself can offer lovely and odd experiences. Try, for instance, to knock on Jummarstenen (the Jummar Rock) and listen to the sound.

Exciting events
A lot of things happen in Lycksele. Hotell Lappland is an attractive amusements organizer and arranges weekend shows, tempting visitors from near and far.

Fotograf: Aston Forsberg

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