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  Consumer guidance

It is not always that easy to be a consumer. Our consumer guidance can help you - give advice and information whenever you need it.

You are always welcome to contact our consumer guidance officer if you are in need of advice, support or consultation. At present, the municipalities of Lycksele and Storuman run a joint consumer guidance service, which means thar our guidance officer is not located at the Lycksele Town Hall but can be reached via telephone or e-mail.

How to contact our consumer guidance service:

  • Telephone
    You can contact Ingrid Elebrink at 0950-164 38
    opening hours: Tue-Fri 8.00-16.00
  • E-mail
    Send your enquiries to ingrid.elebrink@storuman.se

Picture of shopper

Click on the link to the left where you will find an interview with Ingrid Elebrink.

Would you like to find out more about your rights as a consumer, obtain information before a large purchase or order information material from the Swedish Consumer Agency? Click here for their English start page.

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