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Picture of moose cow Within the municipality of Lycksele there are thousands of hectares of good hunting-grounds abounding in game.

For small game you can buy a hunting licence for the area you want to hunt in and then hunt on your own. But you can also book a complete package arrangement with a skilled hunting guide.

In order the take part in moose hunting you will have to make a booking with the hunting party of the area in question, or book an exclusive area with your own hunting guide.

Hunting seasons:
Oct-May, fox Aug-March, capercaillie Aug-Nov, black grouse Aug-Nov,
moose Sep-Dec, hazel-grouse Aug-Nov, ptarmigan Aug-Nov, hare Sep-Feb,
marten Sep-March. bear Sep-Oct.

Small game hunting
In various forms and various kinds of game: beaver, capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, fox, marten etc. Hunting areas from 500 to 14 000 hectares. You hunt on your own or together with 2-3 other hunters and an experienced guide.

Treetop hunting for capercaillie and black grouse
In January you can try treetop shooting at male capercaillie or blackcock. This is the hunting form when there is a thick layer of snow, with a lot of snow on the tree branches and real winter temperatures. A well-targeted, small-calibre sporting rifle, white overalls, skis, self-possession and good judgement are recommended in order to land the big bird in your rucksack.

Moose hunting
We have more than 160 moose licence areas and many of the
hunting parties welcome guest hunters. The hunting method is in most cases still hunting, where the hunters are given allotted stations. Often baying dogs are being used.

Further enquiries
Contact the Tourist Information Office, +46(0)950-169 90.

Picture of bird in a treetop
treetop game bird

Picture of sporting rifle

Picture of bear

Picture of marten

Picture of buckshot cartridge

Picture of hare

Picture of ptarmigan

Picture of beaver
Picture of fox
Picture of capercaillie
Picture of blackgrouse
black grouse
Picture of hazel grouse
hazel grouse


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