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Picture of Gammplatsen

Gammplatsen (the Old Site) is a unique piece of cultural history. In the 17th century this was the site for the first market place and the first school and church in Lycksele. In the area there are ancient remains of both Sami and Swedish origin and a virgin forest nature reserve. A nature and culture path with sign-posts runs through the area.

The open-air museum of Lycksele Hembygdsgille (the Lycksele Folklore Society) displays the development within several different areas - the Sami tradition, the era of the settlers, church, school, farming and forestry, hunting, telecommunications, trade, tailoring and shoemaking. There is also a cafeteria at Ruselegården (the Rusele manor-house) and time for reflection inside the Margareta church.

Gammplatsen Website

The all-year open Forestry Museum is also situated in the area.

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