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Lycksele Djurpark (Lycksele Zoo)

Experience our Nordic animals at close range, from the elk farm and the bears to the fish and the birds. And, as the icing on the cake, you can watch our animal keepers feed musk-oxen, wolves or seals.

Picture of Zoo entrance

Picture of goat and kid

Picture of musk-ox and calf

Lycksele Djurpark Website

Picture of Lyckoland Lyckoland
The whole Zoo is a great adventure for the children, but perhaps it is Lyckoland that they remember best. Here they can find water games with rafts and ropeways, dodgem cars, motor bumper boats, electric boats, mini boats, nautic jet, four-wheelers etc. 


Picture of Lyckoland

In our large, bright restaurant you can relax with excellent dishes, everything from a cup of coffee, hamburgers and today's special to an exclusive à la carte menu.
Picture of the restaurant terrace

Picture of Zoo signpost

We can tailor-make your activities here at the Zoo: company staff day-outs, jubilees or a part of your marketing functions. We can fix everything to your satisfaction. There is a conference room for up to 40 guests. Food is served in the restaurant and refreshments in the Zoo Lapp Cot.

The Children's Zoo
In the Children's Zoo you will get the opportunity of getting really close to our domestic animals. You can enter the enclosures, pat a pig, hold a goat or ride on one of the Zoo horses. And, of course, this zoo also makes it possible for disabled children to get into the animal enclosures.

Picture from the Children's Zoo

Picture of the Stream Aquarium

The Aquarium
A journey from the high mountains in the west to the coast in the east. Follow
the river from its source to the sea, its changing environment and fish species.

The Christmas Zoo

In the winter Lycksele Zoo changes face.
Then a new season enters the Zoo with Santa Claus as the central character for the weeks before Christmas. Here and now children may enjoy Santa Claus cinema, sleighing, pottering in Santa Claus’s cottage and of course meeting Santa Claus himself. A visit to Santa Claus’s cottage is like a step straight into Christmas.


Picture of Christmas illumination
At this time of the year the Zoo is clad in light, and the trees are pouring with light to create an atmosphere - hard to depict - but has to be experienced on the spot.

Picture of Santa Claus


Pay a visit to our souvenir shop! It is filled with handicraft, toys and of course also a variety of soft animals! Seize the opportunity to buy Christmas presents – here you will find things for children as well as grown-ups.
Picture of souvenir shop

Mulled wine is being served in the coffee cottage on top of Bear Hill, and during the walk in the Zoo you can watch the animals in their winter coats.

Christmas Zoo is a winter delight for old and young!

Entrance:    0950-163 63
Restaurant: 0950-124 22

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